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Pride & Honor

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Pride & Honor boxset by Ember-Raine Winters! 

 Releasing 9th October



Beautiful Delusions (Pride and Honor Book 1) 

Kaylee Violence...
affects my life and my childrens lives daily...

The past has come back in the most dangerous way, at least that's what I think. Am I being stalked or is it PTSD? This leads me to a counselor specializing in PTSD, unfortunately he turns out to be a friend from my childhood. He wants to help but how can I trust him when he left without an explanation. Griffin I've found Kaylee, years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life and left. I'm a psychiatrist specializing in PTSD, overstepping the ethical bounds to help heal her from the violence of the past. With the help of my team I will keep Kaylee and her children safe.

Beautiful Sacrifice (Pride and Honor Book 2) 

Tasha Being a cop, I didn't have any choice, but I really wish I hadn't got mixed up in this case. My dark past is catching up to me ever since he barreled into my life without a care. It terrifies me that he sees right through me. He could be the one to save me . . . or break me.

Twitch It was just a job. Until it wasn't. By then the sexy little redhead had her claws in me. Now, she's in my life and I'm lost. How am I supposed to keep the demons from her past from eating her alive? I don't know, but I will do whatever it takes to make her mine.

Beautiful Deception (Pride and Honor Book 3)

This is the third book in the Pride and Honor Series, but it can be read as a standalone Marcy He knows. He knows what I did and there is no way he will ever forgive me. That's the least of my worries. Now, that secret, that little boy that holds my heart in his hands has been stolen from us. I'll do whatever it takes to get him back. Even if it costs me my life.

Mac Marcy had always been mine. I thought she always would be. A misunderstanding ruined that. Ruined any chance for us to be happy. She stole that chance... that life. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive her. The truth is I never stopped loving her, and I'll do whatever it takes to save her.

Beautiful Surrender (Pride and Honor Book 4)

The final chapter of the Pride and Honor Series is finally here.

Trey Pissed couldn’t even begin to describe the way I felt when I thought about her. She lied to me.

She didn’t even have the decency to stick around and explain herself. The only problem, we needed her to find my family, and despite how angry I was, I needed her. She was everything I ever wanted and I had no idea how to make her stay.

Kenzie I didn’t do relationships. I didn’t do family, and I definitely didn’t do feelings. But, when I was with him, I found myself dreaming about the what-ifs and could be’s. That was dangerous. 

Anyone who had the misfortune of loving me ended up dead and I refused to let that happen again. 

My walls were thick but the scary thing was Trey might just be the one to break them all down.


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