Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Review: City Of Thieves

City Of Thieves City Of Thieves by Cora Kenborn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Review: Into the Flames

Into the Flames Into the Flames by Jessica Ames
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Spunky N Sassy Rating: 4.0

~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Genevieve has made a decision that will change her life and lives around her, when she takes on the Royal Bastards MC. When Mouth finds out who has gone against the Royal Bastards he will stop at nothing for vengeance. This was another good story from the Royal Bastards series.

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Review: Savage

Savage Savage by K.L. Savage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0

~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Holy Balls!!! This book was simply incredible and I wish I could give it more stars than five. I absolutely love this chapter of the Ruthless Kings MC. The characters are intriguing and complex, the stories are exciting and kick a$$. I love my romance with an edge and that is exactly what K.L. Savage delivered. Eden "Big Red", wow what can I say she is definitely a Ruthless Queen and Savage is truly the one who should be her touchstone to keep her grounded. I have always loved Patrick he is my King and always will be but Eden is definitely my Queen. Highly recommend!!!!!!

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Review: Lawless Lynx

Lawless Lynx Lawless Lynx by Naomi Porter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Title: Coerced: A Dubcon Anthology
Authors: Yolanda Olson, Abigail Davies, C.A. Rene, Dana Isaly, Nichole Greene, Isabel Lucero, S. Rena & BL Mute, A.D. McCammon, LP Lovell & Stevie J Cole, Ally Vance, Persephone Autumn, and JM Walker
Genre: Dubcon, Dark Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2022
Cover Design: Pretty in Ink Creations

If you can’t get what you want then take it with force.
That’s the motto that these men live by.
Captivated by the darkness inside them, they don’t take no for an answer.
Their desire is all encompassing.
Their needs are overwhelming.
There’s a thin line between villain and hero but these master manipulators will stop at nothing to claim what is theirs.

Coerced is an extremely limited dubcon anthology of addictive stories from a collection of USA Today and bestselling authors.

Yolanda Olson
Abigail Davies
C.A. Rene
Dana Isaly
Nichole Greene
Isabel Lucero
S. Rena & BL Mute
A.D. McCammon
LP Lovell & Stevie J Cole
Ally Vance
Persephone Autumn


Blood & Bones: Whip

Title: Blood & Bones: Whip
Series: Blood Fury MC Series #11
Author: Jeanne St. James
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 1, 2022
Cover Model: Tyler Caussey
Cover Artist/Photographer: FuriousFotog

You never know where the road may lead you. Or who you’ll find along the way…
When Whip comes across a disabled motorcycle at the foot of the mountain—the one that’s nothing but bad news—he hopes the stranded rider is nothing more than just that. Someone who needs help.
And not a trap. Or an undercover fed.

When her motorcycle breaks down on a deserted road, Fallon Murphy’s caught off guard by the mechanic with the sexy smirk who comes to her rescue.
After shedding her restrictive corporate chains, she’s now living life on her own terms. She no longer answers to anyone for anything.
Like most bikers, her motto is “live free, ride free.”
But that’s where her and Whip’s similarities end.

The saying is “opposites attract,” but Whip tried that once before. It didn’t work out.
Fallon’s not only far out of his league, they couldn’t be more opposite. Even so, he isn’t easily deterred.
However, to his surprise, Fallon has her own plans and isn’t shy about going after what she wants.

Meanwhile, trouble on that mountain is brewing, and no one is safe.
His MC stands at a crossroads, and it’s time for the Fury to take action once and for all.
No more excuses.
No more quarter.
No mercy given.
Especially from the one who goes by that name.

Note: Blood & Bones: Whip is the eleventh book in the Blood Fury MC series. This older woman/ younger man romance (seven-year difference) has no cheating, no cliffhanger, and has an HEA. It’s highly recommended to read this series in order.

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today and international bestselling romance author who loves writing about strong women and alpha males. She was only thirteen when she first started writing. Her first published piece was an erotic short story in Playgirl magazine. She then went on to publish her first romance novel in 2009. She is now an author of over fifty contemporary romances. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages, including interracial. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a free sampler book here: BookHip.com/MTQQKK

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at www.jeannestjames.com or sign up for her newsletter: http://www.jeannestjames.com/newslettersignup