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Review: Kelly: Dark Irish Mafia Romance

Kelly: Dark Irish Mafia Romance Kelly: Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Rie Warren
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Cruel Summer


Title: Cruel Summer
Author: L.L. Hunter 
Genre: YA Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Cover Designer: Emily Wittig
Publication Date: Sept. 30th, 2021
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR


Over the summer, Stacey Miller lost her innocence.

But it’s not how people think.

The pastor’s step- daughter has a dark secret, one she’d rather keep hidden forever.

But when recent events force her to open up and tell Darcie, her best friend, the truth, Stacey knows she can’t run or hide.

Besides that, there is still a killer on the loose, and Darcie might be next.

They’ll do anything to keep the town, and Darcie, from uncovering the truth.


The thrilling third instalment of the Summervale series.

L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens - everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog -

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Title: Discovered
Series: Found #1
Author: Dawson Dare
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2021


Kelly grew up knowing she was different, special, always wondering why she stood out from others. She never expected to be held hostage and tortured to uncover secrets she doesn't know exist.

Noah grew up knowing he was different, special, but his adopted family kept this a closely guarded secret. Now a highly decorated naval officer who leads a special operations force, his job is to find Kelly and bring her home alive.

When Kelly and Noah meet, heat builds as their shared past begins to slowly come into focus. Powers they never knew existed, burst forth as their passion blazes. As they try to unravel the secrets of their past, evil continues to stalk them. Will their newfound psychic abilities be enough to keep them alive?

This book was previously released by Caitlyn O’Leary as “Revealed”, it has been substantially re-edited and has additional content.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Dawson Dare’s biggest dream since she was a little girl was to be an author. She read anything she could get her hands on, including her parent’s World Book encyclopedia set. As she grew up, she had many jobs, she delivered pizzas and newspapers, worked at a fast food joint, made some money umpiring baseball and softball games, was a secretary, typesetter, artist, worked overseas, was a sales rep, recruiter, marketing AVP, project manager and is now finally an author. It took her long enough to get here, and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Moonlight in Magnolia Bloom

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Nothing is more magical than moonlight.

Moonlight in Magnolia Bloom by Paula Adler is coming soon!

Enjoy this first look at the gorgeous cover. 

Cover Design: Hang Le @ By Hang Le

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Welcome to Magnolia Bloom, where hearts heal and magic happens…in a castle…in East Texas…


Lexi Stewart’s lineage extends to the founders of the MacInnes legacy in far away America. A year has passed since she was widowed much too young, but she’s floundering, so she accepts an invitation to escape her beloved Scotland for a needed respite. Surely a visit with her Texas relatives and a stay at Castle MacInnes will put her back to rights.


There’s just one problem: Logan Jameson. The handsome personal trainer is getting everyone in Magnolia Bloom on a fitness kick, and he's determined to make her believe she’s not too old or too heavy to find love again.


She’s equally determined to prove him wrong. She'd loved her husband and loves her peaceful life. It doesn't matter she's never known grand passion, been consumed by desire, or experienced the joy of being pursued. And she’s never, ever considered being the pursuer.


She’ll take this long overdue vacation and return home, intent on living in her quiet home, in the security of her quiet future. That will be enough.


Isn’t it?

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About Paula:

Paula Adler is a born and raised Texan who doesn't believe the DNA report -- she's way more than 12.6% Scottish! If she's not writing, you'll probably find her dancing or SCUBA diving. Connect with her at

Find Paula Online!







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My Perfect Remix

Title: My Perfect Remix
Author: Swati M.H.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2021


He was my best friend.
The fiercely protective boy who always caught me when I fell.
Until I moved away.

Now, ten years later, Logan Miller is a gorgeous, Grammy-winning DJ and a dedicated single dad—and hotter than any hit on the Billboards!
When our paths cross again, fantasies of him turn into reality.

I moved back to Austin to build a life outside the safety net of my wonderful, albeit overbearing, Indian family. Preferring the company of my old dog, my online games, and reruns of Marvel movies, I’m nowhere close to the type of woman who can handle a public life. The type of woman who’d be best suited for Logan Miller.

But when neither of us can control the gravitational pull of the other, we give in.
In limos, on mountains, on rooftops, in airplanes…
We create the perfect remix of a song written just for us.

But just when the beat of our hearts seem perfectly matched, perfectly in sync, his past threatens to shake the foundation he’s built so carefully. The only thing we can do is rely on the one thing that’s bonded us together—our love.

But will that be enough?



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Logan’s eyes flash with the anger I saw earlier, and he does a quick survey of my entire body before meeting my gaze again. I wonder if he likes what he sees, but then I quickly remember that he’s been with women a hundred times hotter than me. “Is there a reason you didn’t come to Club Vex?”

I swallow, leaning back against the door, begging my knees not to wobble. “We were . . .. I was having fun here.”

Logan takes a step closer, eliminating the space between us and any chance of me escaping. “Yeah, I got that based on the slime that had his hands on you not five minutes ago.” His breath fans my face and my body reacts, arching toward him. What the heck, stupid body?

“Why does that bother you, Lo?” I summon any boldness I can find inside of me to meet him head-on. “Friends let friends flirt with strangers at bars.”

His hands stretch out and capture my hips, his fingers pressing firmly at my sides, creating a warm current inside my core. His heavy bulge rests unabashedly on my belly. “Well, I guess we’re not friends then, Batgirl.”

My breath snags on an exhale. The way his hands are holding me steady right now, they’re both my life raft and the anvil pulling me under. “Then what are we, Logan?”

He doesn’t respond. Instead, his stormy eyes bore into mine, mixing with equal parts of the same emotions I have swirling inside me--hesitation, vulnerability, and lust. He licks his lips and watches as I follow the movement. “Are you?”

My eyebrows crease. “Am I what?”


Before I can even come to terms with what I’m doing, my hands lift, as if possessed by someone else. I push back the hood from his head before digging my fingers into his soft brown hair. With my head tipped up, I hold his gaze. I’m tired of fighting it, tired of denying it. “Yes.”

And just like that, his mouth is on mine, seizing the last of my breath. His hands slide down my hips and over my ass before resting on my bare thighs. A pool of heat gathers between my legs and I moan, bending into him. My nipples pebble against my bra as my body asks for more. His tongue finds mine, and I relish the sweetness I’ve been craving ever since I first tasted it. He squeezes the backs of my thighs and I feel his chest pound against mine.

The sounds of our lips and moans fill the room, spurring my arousal. I feel needy and heavy, and I’m shamelessly writhing under his touch. He pulls back slightly, capturing my bottom lip between his teeth, pulling and biting before deepening our kiss again.

Cupping his cheeks between my hands, I open my eyes, watching as his lips work over mine. It’s as if I need to see him devour me to believe it’s actually happening. As if he can feel my gaze on him, he opens his, too. And now we’re kissing--like freaks--with our eyes open.

It’s always been this way, hasn’t it, I wonder. Our eyes have always said everything our words never could.

His hand travels up, under my dress, lighting a fire over my skin. His eyes search mine for permission, and at the arch of my hips and the thumb I tenderly swipe over his cheek, he seems to have the approval he’s looking for. His lips unlock from mine before he finds my neck, licking, sucking, biting. “Baby . . .” he rasps.

It's sensation overload as his scruff slides over my neck and his hand finds the hem of my panties. Pushing aside the thin fabric, his fingers trace up and down my slick opening, and I gasp into his touch.

“This,” he whispers, traveling over my wet seam again and again. “This is for me.” His other hand comes to my face, curving over the back of my neck, as his thumb brushes my lips. I pull his thumb into my mouth, sucking gently, and he hisses. His light blue eyes become pools of obsidian as he watches his thumb disappear into my mouth. When I let his thumb go, he slides it over my lips again. “These lips, this body, you . . .” he inhales as if surprised by his own admission, “all mine.”


I prefer to call myself a storyteller rather than an author. I'm a mom to two beautiful little girls and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband. My days start with caffeine and sometimes end with a glass (or three) of wine. 

I'm a Texas raised Indian American currently living in the Bay Area. With a degree in Computer Science and an MBA, I've had a successful career building software products but writing is both my hobby and my passion. 

For me, writing and reading are an escape from real life. I love meeting and creating characters who I'd love to take out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. My goal as a storyteller is to distract my readers from their daily grind with stories about everyday couples finding and fighting for incredible love with the help of a little luck.



Title: Redlined
Series: Shadow Crew #1
Author: Cala Riley
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2021


Racing and Ross are the only two things I thought I could ever count on. That is, until one of them sends me far away, making me lose the other.
Now, stuck with a cousin I’m not sure even wants me here trying to pick up the scattered pieces of my life, all I want to do is find my own way.
Who cares if I’m slightly attracted to the asshole who seems to run these parts? Or that I’m starting to find his little tests exciting?
Who cares that the abandonment I felt from the people I thought were my family fades as I find a new group to grow close to.
It doesn’t mean anything. In the end, I’ll be gone, right?

I knew she was going to be trouble the minutes I got the call she was coming. I didn’t expect her to light my blood on fire, though.
Now, she’s slowly integrating herself into my life, one irritatingly yet sexy glare at a time.
It doesn’t matter that I think the fact that she knows her cars is a huge turn on. Or that I crave having her near me.
The fact that I’m itching to protect her has nothing to do with the way she makes me feel.
There’s no room in the inner circle for new blood. So why does she seem to fit right in?



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing February 24



Cala Riley, better known as Cala and Riley, are a pair of friends with a deep seated love of books and writing. Both Cala and Riley are happily married and each have children, Cala with the four-legged kind while Riley has a mixture of both two-legged and four. While they live apart, that does not affect their connection. They are the true definition of family. What started as an idea that quickly turned into a full-length book and a bond that will never end.

Girdles & Ghouls

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Grab a copy of Girdles & Ghouls: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Halloween Collection today!


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Halloween can be hectic, especially for women over forty who fight evil and solve crimes, all while getting dinner on the table.

Fourteen of the best and brightest paranormal women's fiction authors have banded together in this collection of spellbinding tales featuring older women who are killing it. Now, if only it would stay dead.

With stories from:

L.A. Boruff & Lia Davis, authors of Witching After Forty

Lacey Carter Andersen & Helen Scott, authors of Magical Midlife in Mystic Hollow

Daphne Moore, author of Unsought

Lisa Manifold, author of Hexes & Hot Flashes

Jennifer L. Hart, author of Magical Midlife Misadventures

Terri A.Wilson, author of Last Round

Kat Parrish, author of The Shadow Palace

Ella Winters & Ruby West, authors of The Queen's Crossroads

Kate Moseman, author of Midlife Elementals

Katie O’Keene, author of Designer to the Dead


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Blood & Bones: Dodge

Title: Blood & Bones: Dodge
Series: Blood Fury MC #10
Author: Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance
Release Date: October 30, 2021
Cover Model: Josh Faust
Cover Artist: Golden Czermak at FuriousFotog
Photographer: Jean Maureen Woodfin

First mistake: He let his guard down...

If it wasn’t for his cellmate, Rook, during his last bid in prison, Dodge never would’ve landed in Manning Grove.
In that small town in upstate Pennsylvania, he found his tribe. His brotherhood. His family.
Especially after years of having nothing.
Being a part of the Blood Fury MC, life is good. Solid.
It gives him something he’s never had before. Stability and roots.
He’s successfully managing Crazy Pete’s bar.
He has his choice of women.
He has zero complaints.
Then she walks in.
He tries his best to ignore her, until it becomes impossible.
The moment she begins to sing on stage, it flips him inside out and upside down. Her sinful, sultry voice drags him under her spell and never lets him go.
The only problem is, no one knows who she is.
Including him.
Not until it’s too late.

Note: Blood & Bones: Dodge is the tenth book in the Blood Fury MC series. This AGE GAP (OM/YW) romance has no cheating, no cliffhanger, and has an HEA. It’s best to read this series in order.

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today and international bestselling romance author who loves writing about strong women and alpha males. She was only thirteen when she first started writing. Her first published piece was an erotic short story in Playgirl magazine. She then went on to publish her first romance novel in 2009. She is now an author of over fifty contemporary romances. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages, including interracial. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a free sampler book here:

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at or sign up for her newsletter: