Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halfway House Series

Halfway House Series
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Renovations are complete on the Halfway House series.

The Halfway House Series centers around a house for trouble paranormals, who can't seem to control their powers enough to exist in the human world. They find themselves under the guidance of house mother Eloise Mayflower, and if they’re unable to pass the test set by the Paranormal Council before they turn eighteen, they will be either sent to the Island of Shadows or terminated on the spot.
Will love override everything? Can a family be found without a blood connection? One thing I can promise as the author of the Halfway House Series is, that whether you're a witch who can't cast spells, a vampire who faints at the sight of blood, or an angel who got pushed from heaven—within the walls of the ‪#‎HWH‬, you will find acceptance, love, and also your true selves.

#Paranormal #Rom/Com series from Top 100 #international author, Dzintra Sullivan. If you like your rom com's to be enhances with fur, fangs and a heavy dose of sarcasm, then start this journey today. 

Fall in love with this crazy #FAMILY today for #FREE

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-Book #5
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