Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Independent Brake

Independent Brake Independent Brake by Sarah Cass
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0

~~~~~~~~~~Julie's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

Kat learns that her parents plan to marry her away at 15. She flees and does well for herself. She makes a deal with Patrick and they hit it off right away and become very good friends. She goes about her life with love and tragedy but soon finds herself back in her home town. Seeing her old friends is nice but when an unexpected problem arises, she goes back to Patrick. This book is a very good read and very straight forward. I can’t wait to read the continuation.

~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

It's an interesting story about the life of Katherine and the choices she made. Sarah always writes an amazing story and this new series promises to be another winner. The characters are believable and action moves at a good pace. A loss Kat experiences produces sympathy and tears. Kat is feisty, stubborn and stands up for herself. She makes tough decisions, moves forward keeping her pain to herself. She doesn't worry about gossips, society's expectations or finger pointing by others. She believes only in living her life in a way that brings laughter and contentment. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Five Stars.

~~~~~~~~~~Amanda's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

I loved this book series. It was a definite great escape. They are fast paced and easy read. They can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading them in order. The details are written great throughout and you're not left with wondering. I was given an ARC for my honest review.

~~~~~~~~~~Patricia's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~

This was a great historical read. The life of Katherine who runs away from home because she doesn't want to be married off to anyone. Even though her parents wants to move to Denver just so they get get money. Well Katherine request the serves of one of the biggest Racks in Dominion Falls Cole to help her escape. She goes to Chicago and gets new friends and hooks up with a Rack named Patrick. Neither Patrick or Kat wants to ever get married so they just have sexual relations. Well she finally goes back home and hooks up with Cole and sex again with him. Then when life takes an unexpected turn she runs away back to Patrick. Five years later she returns o Dominion Falls what do you thing no happens nex? Well you will have to read the next part.

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