Monday, April 3, 2017

Grandma's Wedding Quilts 12 Day Blitz - Day 7

Patricia PacJac Carroll~ I am a writer, Christian first, and blessed beyond my imagination. I live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area of Texas with my wonderful treasure of a husband, my spoiled dog, Jacs, and my awesome son, Josh. Did I say I was blessed? The PacJac is from my initials and my husbands. I wouldn't be able to write if it weren't for him. I love adventure and the open road. The stories of the western era have always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy writing, and my goal is to write stories readers will enjoy.

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He’s vowed not to marry until he reaches Montana. Then he meets her, but she has other ideas.

Zebulon Benton dreams of going to Montana, but he’s the only son and his mother doesn’t want him to go and his father needs help with the family store. Unknown to Zeb, his mother sends off for a mail order bride. After all, if Zeb marries and settles down, he won’t want to leave.

Enter Amy Gordon from New York. She appears to be the perfect bride for Zeb. Except she also wants to go to Montana and nothing is going to stop her especially her love for Zeb.

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Top Ten List:
1.       The Lord,
2.       My sweet husband,
3.        Awesome Son,
4.       Ornery dog-Jacs,
5.       Friends
6.       Eating out with all the above – well except the dog, but he does get the doggy box. lol
7.       Puppies and kittens
8.       Horses
9.       Freedom
10.   Road Trips

Character Casting:

Amy – I picture as Dakota Fanning.
Zeb – Zac Efron would play an awesome Zebulon Benton

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