Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Sister’s Husband


My Sister’s Husband
By Cara Chance
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Release Date: Dec. 29th
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Insta-love, hot sex, Bad Boy, HEA 

Dante Garcia is sexy, hot, and totally lickable. 

His dark hair, sexy body and gorgeous eyes make it impossible to stay away from him. 

But, I have to. 

I can't even think about him. 

Not even late at night when I'm alone. 

Because he's married to my sister, and this family get-together just became a nightmare for me. 

How am I supposed to even be in the same room with him? 

For me, this summer trip is going to suck, much like I wish Dante would suck on me.




About The Author:

Cara Chance enjoys writing about sexy alphamales, Insta love, and filthy sex. She resides in Boston where she works full time and in her off time spends it writing the saucy stories which will make you heat up while reading.

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